World Day Against Child Labour – Donate Today for Children

World Day against Child Labour is an effort by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to bring to fore the criticality of the issue called “Child labour”. This is prevalent across the world and its bearing on the society is damaging. Thus, the International Child Labour Day is aimed at creating maximum awareness on the issue of child labour. It is a way to sensitize the society on the ill-effects of this cause and how each one of us can work towards countering it.

Governments across the world have initiated different programmes and schemes to support the children of the needy section of the society, so that it can prevent the children from going out to earn a living. There are many NGOs against that work in coordination with the Government to support millions of children across the world. These NGOs act as an intervention till the last strata of the society and provide them the needed support.

They also allow to effectively mete out the Governmental schemes and benefits to the needy children. There is a phenomenal effort seen worldwide that has been taken towards countering this critical cause. NGO like The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one such example. The principal area of work of this Foundation is implementation of the mid-day meal in Government schools. However, through this program the Foundation aims at bringing maximum children to school. It believes in providing ‘unlimited food for education’ because it opines that food and education are vital for the wholesome growth of children.

Any type of charity against this cause has the potential to create a positive whirl of change. Apart from the Government schemes and policies, it is our individual responsibility too to work towards spreading awareness and raising funds as a support towards NGOs against child labour. There are various ways you can show your support.

It could be through volunteering, holding an event on charity run a marathon, use social media platforms for spreading awareness and many other similar activities. Essentially, these international days are a form of evoking the citizens of the world about such crucial issues. But, we should take up the onus of continued support beyond these specified days. Let’s take the first step towards helping the needy children on this International Child Labour Day. Together, we can achieve a society free of child labour.

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