Gunman Opens Fire at School Killing at Least 12 Children

At least 12 children were killed at a school in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, after a former pupil talked his way into the building and gunned down pupils and teachers before shooting himself.

Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 24, entered Tasso da Silveira school at about 8 a.m., saying that he was there to give a speech. He was carrying two revolvers, ammunition and a suicide note.

In the first mass killing of its kind in Brazil, he gunned down a dozen pupils aged between 12 and 14, then exchanged fire with an officer from a police station next door and reportedly shot himself dead.

Emergency services said 30 people were wounded.

Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian president, said she was “shocked and disturbed” at the wept when commenting on the incident during a speech to business leaders and requested a moment of silence for the victims.”This type of crime is not characteristic of [our] country and therefore we are all … united in repudiating this act of violence,” Rousseff said.

A father who arrived to collect his children after the shooting described the school as “a war scene.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “This type of thing happens in the United States, not here.”

After arriving at the school, which has 1,000 pupils between the ages of nine and 14, it is thought de Oliveira shot two boys, one in the head and the other in the arm.

He then apparently walked into a Portuguese lesson, and opened fire.

Dorival Porto Rafael, a rubbish collector who was at the school, said: “Without saying anything he took out a pistol from his bag and started firing. The police arrived, and when he saw he was surrounded, he shot himself in the head.”

Marcos Silva, 11, who was in the school but was not harmed, said the experience was “like a horror movie.”

“Everyone lay down on the ground in silence, the teacher asked us not to make noise so the killer wouldn’t notice us,” Silva said “I thought to myself, ‘If he comes in, we’re all going to die.”‘

Other children fled towards the police station. “Some of them were covered in blood, shaken, asking for help,” a witness told the BBC. “They were desperate and crying.”

Police said they believed he was mentally unstable, citing the content of the suicide note, which asked that someone “stand in front of my tomb and ask God to forgive me for what I did.”

Oliveira did not have a police record.

The Rio authorities are trying to tighten security ahead of the 2014 soccer World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

Colloidal Silver Natures Own Antibiotic

Novemeber 1, 2011:

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Writing A Statement Of Child Custody In Case Of voluntary Transfer

Usually marriage break-ups and divorce have a direct repercussion upon child guardianship. A number of issues such as visitation rights by the other parent, and appropriate residential conditions for the child are taken under consideration.

A voluntary transfer of child custody refers to a deliberate brought about change in the guardianship rights of a parent or a guardian. This alteration is made when the custodian parent is unable to fulfill the financial responsibilities of the child and is unable to take care of the child’s needs properly.

The decision of voluntary transference of child custody rights is established formally when the guardian or family court decides that the best interest of the child are not being met suitably and hence the child is being deprived of a stable living environment.

How is a Voluntary Transfer of Child Custody Carried Out? Requirement of Proof for Custodial Rights

A vital pre-requisite before the voluntary transfer of child custody rights is a proof given by the person receiving custodial rights that he or she can virtually take good care of the child and will be able to provide a good, stable living environment to the child.

Transfer Rights

Once the parents or guardians have made a voluntary pact about the transference of custody rights, they will have to file a petition before the court asking them to grant transference rights for the petitioner.

Getting Approval for the Statement of Custody Rights

The court will make a careful examination of the circumstances being offered to the child and his best interest. Thereafter the court will either approve or disapprove the custody rights transference request based upon the quality of the living and comfort being provided to the minor. In order for the request to gain legal establishment, the court will have to approve the statement for voluntary transference of custody rights.

Points to Consider Before Filing for Voluntary Transfer of Child Custody

Fundamental steps taken before the establishment of transference of custody rights:

Springhill Care Group South Korea US Warns of DPRK Launch

Satellite images have surfaced recently revealing North Korea’s digging of a tunnel in what seems to be a preparation for a new nuclear test.

According to reports from intelligence officials, the excavation at northeastern Punggye-ri, where previous nuclear tests were done in 2009 and 2006, is already in the final stages. What observers are anxious of is a repeat of an incident in 2009 when the country walked out from nuclear negotiations and subsequently conducted a nuclear test.

This report has come just as North Korea is prepping for their missile launch that the rest of the world suspects to be a missile test in disguise.

US has said on Monday that an underground nuclear test along with the rocket launch are acts that will leave North Korea more isolated.

Experts say the only reason for them to dig a new tunnel on that area will be to conduct a nuclear test. Moreover, nuclear tests done consist of closing the tunnel with dirt, which is the last step before the detonation.

According to an analyst from Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, DPRK is in need of a new tunnel if they are planning on a nuclear test because the 2 tunnels they used have already caved in and became contaminated with radiation after previous tests. Moreover, if the upcoming launch is already deemed as “highly provocative” by the international community, a nuclear test will be worse.

South Korea and Japan has been making preparations to shoot down the rocket if it threatens their territory, claiming their right to self-defense.

Apparently, the Defense Minister of South Korea has been contacted by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to discuss North Korea’s plans and according to a spokesman of Pentagon, both of them regards the launch as a “serious provocation”.

United States, Britain and Japan have been reiterating their demand that North Korea cancel the launch, with the warning that shooting a long-range rocket violates UN resolutions and its own promise of halting nuclear activity. China is also being urged by the US to dissuade DPRK from proceeding with the launch.

North Korea has previously announced its plans to launch an “observation satellite” through a 3-stage rocket for the centennial celebration of their founder Kim Il Sung’s birthday this April.

Vatsalya 2010 – A festival that celebrates womanhood

The core personality of an individual is mainly determined by the culture that he is exposed to in the formative stages of his life. Incidentally, culture impacts the harmony and progress of a society and eventually the world as a whole.

Keeping in mind the enormous positive impact that effective cultural activities can have on people, ISKCON Bangalore has consistently engaged itself in promoting the rich Indian culture through various cultural events. These events are designed to effectively reach the different strata of people irrespective of age, gender, caste or economic status and help them revisit the glorious heritage of India.

December 23rd through December 26th, ISKCON Bangalore celebrated ‘VATSALYA 2010’ – a festival that celebrates womanhood – A blend of cultural events, exclusively designed to provide an opportunity for women to explore and awaken their latent creative talents and display it on a common competitive platform.

‘VATSALYA 2010’ comprised of various interesting competitions like Vocal Music, Classical Dance, Vedic quiz, Painting, Altar Decoration, Calligraphy, Cookery, Embroidery, Gita sloka chanting, Prayer composition, Pushpa-alankara, Rangoli, Skit, Vegetable-Carving, Jewellery Designing, Creative Writing and other fun events some of which, otherwise, are activities that women constantly engage themselves in.

Women above the age of 20 displayed intense enthusiasm as they participated in some of the competitions which enabled them to portray their talents. Housewives formed groups amongst themselves and took to the stage with much fervor. One such revitalizing sight was the folk dance, where women from varied background exhibited their performance at its best.

“It is a pleasure to see the spirit of participation of these women, most of whom would not have had such an opportunity before”, said one of the esteemed judges of the Folk Dance competition. It was an exciting experience for most participants as well. “It was a different experience for us. All these days we trained students in our school and now it was a thrilling experience for us to train ourselves and take part in these events”, said Veena, a school teacher who participated in the fest with her colleagues.

For more information about Vatsalya 2010 visit:

New Issue of DPRK Business Monthly Now Available

In recent news, Park Chan-mo, co-chair of the recently-opened Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST), told the Korea Times, published in South Korea, that the Internet is now available to PUST students, as part of the institution’s goal to become a “globalized university.”

“The Internet at PUST has been implemented since the spring semester of 2011 for the faculty members, but graduate students have been using it since the fall semester of 2011,” he said. “The students are allowed to use the Internet for their class work and research.”

The initiative, which goes beyond the North’s existing internal intranet system, appears to be the latest experiment by Pyongyang to allow greater access to technology following the recent establishment of a domestic 3G cell phone network.

In international news, The DPRK’s Unhasu (Milky Way) Orchestra performed in Paris on March 14, its first performance abroad. The joint concert with the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by Myung-Whun Chung, of South Korea’s Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. Unhasu was set up in 2009, and the average age of the performers is 20, according to Radio France.

They use traditional Korean instruments such as the haegum, a kind of violin, and the kayagum, a kind of zither with 12 silk strings, along with Western-style orchestral instruments. The first part of the concert consisted of traditional Korean music, followed by Brahms and Saint-Saens.

In other news, Goohoon Kwon, an economist at Goldman Sachs in Seoul, has recently explained that any eventual opening of the North offers the South a pool of labor and natural resources that could see South Korea escape the fate of neighbor Japan, where an aging and shrinking population has eroded long-term economic growth rates.

North Korea has a population of 24 million, or about half that of the South, and holds untapped mineral wealth, including gold and copper, that’s estimated at more than US$6 trillion by the South Korean state-owned mining company Korea Resources Corp. Extracting the minerals is currently hindered by a lack of developed roads, railroads and ports, Kwon told Bloomberg News.

On the domestic front, the DPRK is willing to further improve its environment for foreign investment, Yun Yong Sok, a deputy department director of the DPRK Committee for Investment and Joint Ventures, told KCNA.

“The nation’s economy is gaining momentum, with many industrial establishments and power stations being built across the country,” he said. “It is a consistent policy of the DPRK government to enhance economic cooperation with other countries, while beefing up its self-reliant national economy. In December last year the government amended its investment-related laws, including the DPRK Law and Regulations on Foreign Investment, laws on joint ventures and joint collaboration, and the Law on Foreign-funded Businesses and Foreigners’ Tax Payment, in step with the nation’s developing economy and international practices.”

National And International Affairs

Having knowledge of national current affairs and international current affairs is very important as they give you a picture of the current status of the world and the happenings around you. Every news affects you directly or indirectly, in long term or short term. Current affairs are an important part of life.

National Current Affairs: ???The national news is that government has allowed 4 percent reservation for government jobs in Andhra Pradesh, which benefited 14 OBC Muslims in the state. ???The government has started its survey on population and started its scheme for National Population Register of Indian residents. This project will approximately cover 1.2 billion people with a total cost of rs. 3539.24 crores. ???108th amendment bill of the constitution which is called women’s reservation bill was passed by Rajya Sabha in one favor against 39 abstained. Bill seeks to reserve a third of the states on lok sabha and state assemblies on a rotational basis. ???In the current affairs section, unfair practices have been prohibited in technical and medical educational institutions both governments under the bill passed recently, which subjects to 3 years imprisonment and a fine of up to rs.50 lakh for higher education providers, if they are found guilty of misleading the students in any form. ???Government has approved foreign universities to set up campuses in India which comes under foreign educational institution bill. ???Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are the official earth hour cities among 15 cities, as declared on Earth hour celebrated on 27th march, funded by World wide Fund for Nature. ???Government has now decided to provide death sentence to the hijackers by amending anti hijacking act 1982. ???India’s is the first country among the world to have a supersonic cruise missile which can be maneuvered, which was successfully testing fired 290 km

International current affairs: ???Top international news is about the Current Protests in Iraq have not yet reached a very large scale and would not lead to the country’s collapse but the patience of the people is wearing out due to inadequacies of their prime minister. ???As political upheaval spreads across North Africa and into the Persian Gulf, 2011 may turn out to be as momentous a year for global oil markets as 1971, the year when the nature of the region’s petro-states first took shape. ???Hackers have been continuously penetrating into the company that runs NASDAQ Stock Market during the past year which has led to a serious federal investigation trying to find out the penetrates and their purpose. ???Dalai Lama has decided to completely exile from being a political leader.

This National and International current affairs will help and keep you updated with the status of your own country and the world.